Artists by the Lake

at the Lakeview Recreation Center

New Message from the Prez regarding masks


Good Morning, my friends! Several have asked me why we are still requiring masks in the Art room. 
The Executive Board had decided that we would stop the requirement when the positivity rate went below 3%, and remained there for two weeks. 

We almost got there, but the positivity rate is more than 3 times that currently. We have had a 6% increase in cases since May 14, 2021. Averaging 3.4 new cases a day. All of the averages have only increased since the Delta variant of COVID moved in. 
We want to go back to normal in September, but we will have difficulty getting teachers, and I am very sure that most members will go back into isolation as the COVID numbers continue to surge. 

As far as I know, most (if not all) of our members are vaccinated. I also know at least one vaccinated member has had a break-through illness in the last few weeks. We are suffering a surge of the unvaccinated. Most of them have chosen to remain unvaccinated. Experience has shown that they are also not willing to honor the social contract to wear a mask if they are not vaccinated. 
Yesterday, The CDC advised vaccinated people to wear masks indoors in areas with high infection rates which is all of Arizona.

We all want to return to our normal lives, whatever “normal” is now. We cannot trust that everyone not wearing a mask is safe to be around. Therefore, we are continuing, and will continue, to require masks of everyone. Please continue to social distance and clean your area in the art room after use, Help keep your art buddies safe and healthy!


Aileen Garvey chosen as September Artist of the month.

Aileen Garvey has been selected as the August Artist of the Month for the Artists by the Lake Club of Sun City. As long as Aileen Garvey can remember she has had a brush or pencil in her hand. Her artistic interests range from designing and painting cabinets for her home to painting a mural, beautiful animals, children's faces, and landscapes. Her early painting medium was oils, then for 25 years she concentrated on watercolors. Since reading a book “Acrylics, a Watercolor Alternative" by Charles Harrington in 2008 she has worked become an expert in acrylics. Recently, she began working in oil again.

Ms. Garvey searches through her extensive set of photographs looking for one that shouts "It's my turn". After she finds that inspiring photo, she does some preliminary sketches while thinking of a fitting title for her finished painting (usually something funny). Aileen is primarily a self-taught artist. She challenges herself with every painting to see what she can do to improve each piece. What strikes you when you view one of her paintings is her use of rich color and strong values to enliven her work. Many of her paintings are in private collections through-out Arizona and several other states. She has a large following of collectors." align="left" hspace="12" >Aileen Garvey was a member of Scottsdale Artist League for ten years. She is also a juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance, Arizona Artist Guild, and Vanguard Artist. Ms. Garvey is a recent member Palo Verde Artists and Sonoran Art League where she enjoys fellowship with many talented artists. She is the education coordinator and member of the Artists by The Lake club at Lakeview Recreational Center. In addition to those responsibilities she teaches beginning and advanced painting in acrylic or oils and organizes the club’s monthly critique. Her classes are small in size with extensive attention to the students’ individual development. All levels of experience are welcome, so if you’ve ever wanted to try painting or you want to improve your skills please join us!

Ms. Garvey has won many awards during her painting career. The one she is most proud of is for “Artist of the Year” with “Mothers Love” by the  Arizona Artist Guild. She is a yearly contributor to the Glendale Invitational Show and the All Sun City Art Show.

Her work can be viewed at the Artists by the Lake Gallery and in the outside display case. in the art room on the second floor of the Lakeview Recreation Center, 10626 Thunderbird Blvd, Sun City 85351. The art room is open from 9-4 daily starting September 1st for members only. To join the club, you must have a valid RCSC card and pay $10. Social distancing and masks are worn at all times in the art room. FMI email  Deb Dahlin@ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 315-491-9650. Our website is