Artists by the Lake

at the Lakeview Recreation Center

Arts and Crafts Fair! What a great effort by our artists! Josh Thompson did another amazing job getting volunteers, attending all the required meetings, dragging cards racks, signs, , and then returning everything back to the club! Another shout out to Florinne Duffeild! Her efforts to find 14 really great raffle prizes which we sold tickets for. All the profit  will go towards something great for our club and we are indebted to her! Thanks to artists who donated art to our raffle! Florinne Duffield , Doris Canavan and Deb  Dahlin donated art to the raffle as well! We are also grateful to those who "stuck around"! Georgia Feiste and her hubby, Florinne Duffield and Francis , Josh Thompson and Gene Dahlin! We were able to be "finished" by 4! I will sleep well tonight!


Tuesday December 3rd, 12-2  ABTL Xmas Party and Luncheon!  In the Social Hall one room, second floor Lakeview Rec Center Bring a dish to share on Buffet, bring a crazy gift to exchange, Bring a challenge painting for the "WINTER" Painting challenge! IF you have art in the gallery pick up your art and you may drop off 2 small/medium pieces or 1 large painting


Wednesday,December 4th 9-12 Pastels Plus with Bonnie Temperley and Deb Dahlin! 3 weeks 12/4,11,18 $36 ! Come try some pastels!


1-4 All Levels Acrylic and Oil with the Awesome Aileen Garvey! 3 weeks: 12/4,11,18 @$36

Thursday, December 5th 9-12 Open Painting with Janice Rouen-Lydon Free fun with painting with colleagues!


1-4  Beginner Oil and Acrylic with Georgia Feiste, 12/5,12,19. 3 WEEKS AT $36.


Friday 9-12 Open Painting with Florinne Duffield, COME IN FOR FREE advice and the opportunity to continue to work on your masterpiece!


1-4 More Open Paint- No monitor but feel free to use the room if you are a member!

Looking ahead! Tuesday,  December 10 Critique from 1-3 pm! This is important for your work to grow! Bring works in progress for discussion and critique!


Christmas Vacation: The Club will be closed for classes from December 24th through January1st! You can use the room but there will be no monitor or scheduled activity. Lakeview Center is closed 12/25 and 1/1 so you can't access the room those days

January: Bruce Cody will begin a Lanscape Painting class on Monday Afternoon from 1:30-4:30! and Ruth Little will resume Watercolors and colored Pencil classes on Fridays from 1-4.