New Year Message from the PREZ!

It’s a New Year, a year of possibilities and opportunities. 2021 - that has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? You also have a new President, nationally, and here in the Art Club. Deb Dahlin has stepped down after her three year commitment, and will be a very hard act to follow. She has been a dynamo of energy, excitement, and knowledge. Fortunately, she agreed to serve as Vice President and Publicity Chair while I feel my way through the process of President in a time of COVID restrictions. Members meetings are cancelled through February per RCSC guidlines.
My name is Georgia Feiste. I know many of you, can’t wait to meetand talk to those that I don’t know well, and I look forward to being your new President this year. You will find me to be a bit moreintroverted than Deb, but just as passionate about art and a club that is welcoming and encouraging for artists along the entire spectrum of knowledge and skill. We LOVE it when new artists come in and ask for knowledge, and we ADORE our professional level teachers and mentors. 
Deb and I have met several times, and will continue to talk throughout the year, so that we will have a smooth transition. She did such a nice job, I don’t anticipate that we will have any dropped balls! And, I’m sure the RCSC will remind me if something is needed that I failed to note in my calendar.
GOALS for 2021  Yes, I have a couple, and would love to hear from you, as well. 
1.Survive COVID, and enter Phase 3, healthy, 25lb lighter,  
and ready to go!
 Okay, okay, 25lb might be a stretch; break-even might be more realistic. We remain in Phase 2, require masks from car to club, in the club, and back out to the car. Only members can be in the club. We will be continuing classes four days a week (as long as we have students), and
open painting 5 days a week. 
2.Revise ABTL Rules and Regulations. I have reviewed the Rulesand Regulations, in comparison to the RCSC’s, and found some areas that need to be updated. I would like to form a small committee to go through the document and make the recommendations for approval by the membership.
3.GROW and encourage active involvement in the club. We have all missed out on so much over the last 9 months,and still have more time required to hunker down in order to stay healthy and safe. While we are doing that, safely attending classes and open painting, we have some time to think andplan ways to flourish and grow this amazing club that welcomes everyone with open arms. A number of us have remarked thatABTL is a major part of our community here in Sun City. These are the people we lean on, rely on, to be there through
thick and thin - all dear to our hearts. How do we spotlightthat - grow and encourage that? Think about it and let’s talk more!

Happy New Year! 2021 Has to be an improvement!