Artists by the Lake

at the Lakeview Recreation Center

The Artists by the Lake club is proud to announce we have selected Mary Duncan as our June Artist of the Month. Ms. Duncan worked as a registered nurse and is mother to four energetic boys. She worked as a Red Cross Nurse and responded to many natural disasters across the United States. 

            As an artist, Ms. Duncan has developed a style integrating animals and people into her landscape paintings which brings them to life. She does not limit herself to just landscapes or just paint. She has developed a proficiency in chalk pastel as well as oil paint. She recently completed some farm animal pastels to send to her great grandchildren on the east coast to enhance their bedrooms.

            She gets her inspiration from the Phoenix area and also Ruidoso, New Mexico where she goes to visit some of her grandkids and great-grands!

For the last eight years, Ms. Duncan was in charge of the hanging display area of the entire art club room. Sometimes this meant creatively hanging up to fifty pieces of art at a time. Now she takes care of our Artist of the Month displays so we are very happy to feature her as the June Artist of the Month. Ms. Duncan is still an active learner! She continues to take classes at Palo Verde Art Club and Artists by the Lake as she continues to grow as an artist and create the next perfect masterpiece.

            The Artists by the Lake club is open to any RCSC card holder for $10 a year. There are monthly meetings from September through May with a demonstration by an artist about something that will help members improve their personal style as an artist. We are moving some club events to the Palo Verde Art Club at the Sundial Recreation Center this summer as we get ready for an upcoming renovation. Look for hours posted on the door of the art room and on our website. For more information look at our website: Or stop by the club FMI email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.